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Language Studies


BYU offers many opportunities for students to continue their language study. You can take classes in 63 languages from 20 different language groups. You can also receive a language certificate, minor, secondary major and/or primary major in a variety of languages.
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Language Placement Exam

The BYU Language Placement Exam is an unofficial, online placement exam to help you choose the appropriate course for Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish. You may be required to show your score to a professor to justify your registration in a certain course. Normally, the exam takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be taken multiple times.

16-Credit Challenge Exam

The Challenge Exam gives students the opportunity to challenge the 100 and 200 level language classes in their second language and earn up to 16 graded credits (you may choose to accept any or all of the credits earned). The Challenge Exam is only available to students who have registered for the designated language courses and must be taken in the first class at BYU/first class after the mission.
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OPI, WPT, Reading & Listening Tests

The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Written Proficiency Test (WPT) are official exams of the American Council on Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and are required for language certificates and most language majors. The Reading and Listening Tests are required for some senior seminar courses. All are administered by the Center for Language Study in 3086 JFSB.