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International Opportunities

Find international or study abroad opportunities through the Kennedy Center.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is guided by a BYU professor in the field and offers lectures, study, and research on-site. Field trips to important locations of cultural and historical significance support the program’s academic aims and bring to life theory and principles gained in the classroom.

Direct Enrollment

Individual students immersing themselves with local and international students on a foreign campus for a semester independent of any BYU professor or other BYU students. The courses automatically transfer from the institution to count for pre-approved courses at BYU.

Field School

Field school is a research-based program that introduces students to local communities and cultures. The goal of a field school program is to give students mentored field research experience. Students are led by the faculty director to a particular community of interest and conduct field work on a project under the mentorship of the directing faculty.


Take a look at the Kennedy Center website to find international internships opportunities. International Internships are an independent, work-oriented experience in an international setting.