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Skills & Competencies



I can contribute to a team by collaborating, influencing, mentoring, and developing others.


I can grasp perceptions and attitudes outside my own and be considerate of them in my interactions with others.

Analytical Thinking

I can gather and interpret knowledge, facts, and data to formulate solutions, make challenging decisions and assess outcomes.


I can inform and persuade an audience through articulate speech and writing.


I can take responsibility for, and adjust my own behavior to develop, improve, and maintain professional working relationships


I can recognize and act on opportunities to promote new ideas and go beyond expectations.


It is surprising to most students that it is not always the major or GPA that tip the scales in your favor. Instead, employers are seeking candidates who have developed professional competencies and can articulate how they could put them to use to the benefit of the employer. These professional competencies are listed below.

Write critically

Write coherent explanations and arguments with attention to the implications of language

Cultural literacy

Observe and interpret the nuances of a culture through its language, history, traditions, and practices.

Gather information

Develop and implement an appropriate research plan.

Speak persuasively

Articulate and present messages effectively.

Language proficiency

Speak, read, write, and comprehend an acquired language.

Interpret information

Identify patterns in information and explain their implications.