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Comparative Arts & Letters

Comparative Arts and Letters is the study of human intellectual and artistic creativity.
Major: Art History & Curatorial Studies

Establish the foundation necessary for careers in the visual arts, including teaching, museum and gallery work, architecture, and conservation and restoration. At the same time, the writing and analytical skills art history teaches make a valuable launching pad for disciplines as diverse as musicology, medicine, or law.

Art & Curatorial Studies Major Snippet

Major: Classical Studies

Examine ancient Greek and Roman cultures — their languages, literature, history, religion, art, and philosophy and acquire foreign-language study skills that include careful reading, thoughtful writing, and persuasive speaking.

Classical Studies Major Snippets





Major: Comparative Literature

Provides unusual latitude in developing a broad and full program in the liberal arts, as well as developing competence in reasoning, language, writing, and research—essential for later independent learning.

Major: Interdisciplinary Humanities

Encompasses all of the fields of inquiry and human expression devoted to an understanding of the human condition. This foundation includes a deeper awareness of the past, a heightened sensitivity to the dynamic interaction of cultures in our present, and greater preparation for a changing future.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Major Snippets

Major: Latin Teaching

The Latin teaching major prepares students to teach Latin in public schools.

Latin Teaching Major Snippets


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Art History and Curatorial Studies

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Classical Studies

(Greek Option)

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Classical Studies

(Latin Option)

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Interdisciplinary Humanities

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Latin Teaching

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Scandinavian Studies