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Who is My Advisor?

Academic Advisors (Academic & Professional Development Managers)

In our center, our Academic Advisors are called Academic & Professional Development Managers. We believe a liberal arts degree combined with meaningful, well-planned experiences can equip you with the skills and abilities you need to be successful in life and work.

The role of Academic & Professional Development Managers is to support students in making informed, intentional decisions about their time at BYU so that they graduate with the competencies and experiences they need in their life and career.

Academic and Professional Development Managers can help you with the following:

  • Career readiness and exploration
  • Major and minor exploration
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Academic Improvement Plans (AIP)
  • Developing competencies through experiential learning

To schedule an appointment with your major academic advisor please contact our office at 801-422-3541 or come into our office, 1041 JFSB.

Meet Your Advisor

Jonathan Cook

English, Editing and Publishing, Linguistics

Ky Cox

Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology

Cielle Davis

Comparative Arts and Letters, French & Italian, German & Russian, and Asian & Near Eastern Languages

Heather Lagrosa-Farr

History, Philosophy, and Spanish & Portuguese

Kate Felt


Megan Hancock

Economics, Political Science

Sam Prestwich

Assistant Director, Geography

Stefanie Nebeker

Assistant Director, SFL

Meet our Staff

Sherami Jara


David McMillan

Assessment and Data Manager

Heidi Clark

Experiential Learning & Professional Development Manager—Alumni

Andrew Roberts

Experiential Learning and Professional Development Manager

Melanie Bailey

Office Manager

LeeAnn Broderick

Office Specialist

Bruce Haraguchi

Diversity & Inclusion Officer, College of Humanities

Our Team

Our team consists of Undergraduate Specialists, Graduation Specialists, and Academic Advisors. See below who would best be able to assist you. To schedule an appointment with our advisors please call 801-422-3541 or come into our office 1041 JFSB.

Undergraduate Specialist

We have Undergraduate Specialists in the office available M-F 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for walk-in appointments to help you with:

  • Course planning
  • Major/minor declarations (under 90 credits)
  • Major, minor, and transfer substitutions
  • High credit flags and holds
  • Registration Issues
  • Graduation plans
  • GE questions
  • Petition information

You can meet with an Undergraduate Specialist by calling 801-422-3541 or visiting our office, 1041 JFSB.

Graduation Specialist

We have Graduation Specialists that can help you with things such as:

  • Graduation applications 
  • Changes to graduation dates 
  • Graduation clearance
  • Letter requests

You can meet with a Graduation Specialist by calling 801-422-3541 or visiting our office, 1041 JFSB.