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Cielle Davis

Comparative Arts and Letters, French & Italian, German & Russian, and Asian & Near Eastern Languages

Cielle was born with an enthusiasm for history. In college, she studied History and French and graduated with a BA in History from BYU. She will always be a historian at heart! After graduating, she discovered her passion for helping students reach their academic goals. She has worked in admissions test prep and tutoring and as a researcher and writer on two US history podcasts (where she got paid to hang out in the basement of the library!). She earned her MS in Academic Advising from Kansas State University and loves her work in advising. She is passionate about helping students find value in their liberal arts studies and create meaningful career goals using their degrees. She also takes every opportunity to encourage young women to cultivate their ambition, set clear career goals, and pursue them!
In her spare time, Cielle loves to hang out with her four awesome kids, hike, sew, and read.