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Declare a Minor

Students who desire a minor should declare it prior to completing 90 BYU credits; otherwise they will need to petition to add the minor. You are allowed up to 3 minors.

The Process

  1. Contact your academic advisor to learn about minors that go well with your major.
  2. Once the minor is decided you must contact the advisement center for it to be added. Most minors are open and can be added right away, but some are not. Closed minor approval will go through the academic advisor and you will complete a declaration form.

* Make the request through your major advisement center unless it is one of the following:

  1. Contact the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center for all minors in their College.
  2. Contact the Liberal Arts Advisement Center for the following minors: Editing, French, International Cinema Studies, Italian, Spanish Teaching, or Writing & Rhetoric.
  3. Please note: all teaching/education minors require that you have a teaching/education major.