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Lindsey Blau

Lindsey Blau


Aside from my dream job as a mother of two hilarious, adventurous little boys, I have 18 years of professional experience, 13 years of management experience, and 11 years of project management experience. Clearance: Top Secret. I have a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with an emphasis in educational leadership, and two bachelor’s degrees: communication with a specialty in public relations and English with a specialty in technical writing. I currently work as an Academic and Professional Development Manager for the Liberal Arts Advisement and Careers office.  
I worked with various government agencies, PR firms, software companies, small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations nationwide, and started over after my master’s as a lifeguard, substitute teacher, and intern. I have learned to walk with faith and magnify my strengths as a result. During a time of enormous stretching and change, I worked as a Communication Specialist for the Executive Office of the President of the United States (yes, the White House) to prepare me for the work I do now.  
More than where I have been, I am finally doing what I set out to do 9 years ago, helping students. I thrive on getting to know students - their dreams, interests, and pursuits, and am passionate about coaching students through life’s decisions and challenges.  
My multi-passions, personal experiences, and non-linear career path have given me insight that helps me empathize with students and broaden their minds to possibilities.  
I enjoy time with family and friends, cooking/experimenting with new recipes—eating, singing, reading books, blogging/writing, swimming, and being an extroverted extrovert.