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Experiential Learning

What’s next?

3 Steps to Integrate and Develop Competencies

  1. Explore Opportunities
    Get involved in clubs, mentored research, volunteer activities, part-time work, internships, or study abroad
  2. Make an appointment with your Academic and Professional Development Manager to assist you in developing competencies and discussing opportunities.
  3. Earn Academic Credit for your internship experience.

How do I learn and develop competencies?

Competency development is part of your life-long learning. There is a model to engage in that learning better so that the competencies and your ability to articulate them are stronger. The model isn’t linear, but instead, is a set of interdependent phases that overlap at times. Each stage can better equip you to make informed decisions about your life and to own your learning and experiences.

Click on each step of the cycle below to learn how you can develop career readiness competencies.