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Experiential Learning

How do I learn and develop competencies?

Competency development is part of your life-long learning. There is a model to engage in that learning better so that the competencies and your ability to articulate them are stronger. The model isn’t linear, but instead, is a set of interdependent phases that overlap at times. Each stage can better equip you to make informed decisions about your life and to own your learning and experiences.

Click on each step of the cycle below to learn how you can develop career readiness competencies.

What’s next?

We hope that the cycle we have described is one you will go through many times throughout your time here at BYU. So when you have reflected on your experiences, identified your growth, and learned how to narrate it, ask yourself:

  • Where do I want to grow now?
  • Where are my competency gaps?
  • What kinds of experiences, mentorships, coaching, etc. do I need to be successful in my goals?
  • What is my intention now?

Not only will you experience this cycle here at BYU, but it is a learning pattern you can take with you into your life and/or profession.