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Geography uses a spatial perspective to study a diverse subject matter, traditionally divided between human and physical geography.
Major: Geography - Environmental Studies

Provides a broad geography background combined with specialized training in landform geography, climate, environmental geology, public lands, biogeography, and ecology.

Environmental Studies Major Snippets

Major: Geography - Geospatial Intelligence

Training in gathering spatial data, and analyzing and interpreting it to monitor and solve situations that impact our national security.

Geospatial Intelligence Major Snippets

Major: Geography - Geospatial Science & Technology

Training in analytical concepts, techniques and technologies used in a variety of fields from wildlife management to urban planning. The major offers three main fields: cartography, GIS, and remote sensing.

Geospatial Science & Tech Major Snippets

Major: Geography - Global Studies

Gives a detailed understanding of the human and physical landscapes of the world – specifically the populations, cultures, politics, climates, and economics associated with world regions.

Global Studies Major Snippets

Major: Geography - Tourism Studies

Provides a working knowledge of the travel industry with a focus on the importance of geographical perspectives in the field.

Tourism Studies Major Snippets

Major: Geography - Urban & Regional Planning

Involves training in land use regulation, public policies concerning land use, site design principles in urban form and functions, the comprehensive planning process, and the public-private interface.

Urban & Regional Planning Major Snippets


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Geospatial Science & Technology

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Geography Teaching

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Global Studies

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Tourism Studies

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Urban & Regional Planning