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Washington Seminar

The Washington Seminar selects well-qualified students from all majors to have an applied learning experience in Washington, D.C. Through a quality internship, briefings on current national issues, tours, and excursions, interns gain a valuable supplement to their academic training and the chance to be better prepared for their careers.

Utah State Legislature

The Utah State Legislature Internship is an excellent experience for students interested in the legislative and policy process. Interns work as personal assistants to legislators in researching legislation, attending committee hearings, meeting with constituents and lobbyists, and observing first-hand the process through which laws are made.

International Internships

Take a look at the Kennedy Center website to find international internships opportunities. International Internships are an independent, work-oriented experience in an international setting.

On-Campus Internships

On-Campus Internships provide an opportunity for you to explore different fields and gain important professional development during Fall/Winter semesters. Take a look at the Marriott School of Business on-campus internship (OCI) program.