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Linguistics Scholarships

Linguistics is the study of language, how language is used, variations in language and the influence of language on the way people think.
Major: Editing & Publishing

Acquire editing skills and knowledge of the publishing industry. Designed primarily for students who wish to develop careers in book and journal publishing, but the skills learned can be applied in many other communication settings, such as graduate studies, preparing personal and family histories, and church service.

Editing & Publishing Major Snippets

Major: English Language

Gain knowledge of the English language and language-based analytical skills that will be useful in such professions as law, business, medicine, editing, and teaching English to speakers of other languages.

English Language Major Snippets

Major: Linguistics

Provides not only practical insights and applications but also theoretical understanding leading to scholarly research and creative endeavors in linguistics.

Linguistics Major Snippets


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Linguistic Computing

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