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Graduation FAQs

Can I participate in graduation ceremonies before or after I graduate?

Yes! While there are only ceremonies in April, you may request to walk in a ceremony other than the one to which you are assigned. You will need to fill out a Request to Walk form. It is important to note that you will NOT receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting the form.

It is also important to note that your name will NOT be in the Convocation program.

What if I want to walk in a different college's convocation or have someone walk with me?

To walk in a different college's Convocation, contact that college for permission and details. To have someone walk with you, have them fill out our Request to Walk form.

How long after graduation do I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to students anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks after their graduation date. Degrees will begin to posted to records 2 weeks after the graduation date.

How does independent study work with graduation?

If you are finishing up your last courses via Independent Study, there are a few different things to be aware of:

  1. Instead of having a full year to complete the course, you will need to have your coursework finished before the Independent Study Deadline for your given graduation date. Usually, this deadline is about 3 weeks before graduation. You will need to have all of your coursework submitted by that deadline in order to guarantee that you will be able to graduate on time. You can find upcoming independent study deadlines here.
  2. You do not automatically receive your diploma once you finish the course. You must apply for graduation and finish your course within the graduation period. You will receive your diploma along with the rest of the graduates from that graduation period, regardless of when you finish your last class.

Where can I get a Convocation program?

You can come into the Liberal Arts Advisement & Careers office and request a convocation program copy.